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Essential Reading: 22 GAFF Necessities For Creating Your Own Pinterest Paradise – GAFF Interiors

Essential Reading: 22 GAFF Necessities For Creating Your Own Pinterest Paradise

Sometimes you don’t have the time, money or energy to go foraging through vintage markets to find the bits and pieces that will make your home feel eclectic and bursting with personality. Sometimes, you just want it handed to you on a plate, a colour-by-numbers formula that will take your living space from drab to fab at the click of your mouse. Sometimes, you just wish Pinterest was a portal to another universe where you could live happily after. We know the feeling. If it’s the ultimate in GAFF accessories you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Get your mitts on the below and your GAFF will be a Pinterest paradise in no time.

1. Paper decorations.
Cheap, fun, colourful and contemporary. Hang them wherever you please. We particularly like them in our home office, where grey rules the roost. These ones are from Article, €13.50

Honeycomb decorations Article Dublin2. Something marble.
The most subtle hints of marble work best. Treat yourself to a set of thick marble coasters, or a marble chopping board, before you chuck out your kitchen sink the midst of a marble frenzy.

Marble Coasters, Copper Nest, €39.18 Etsy
Marble Coasters, Copper Nest, €39.18 Etsy

3. Something brass.
Copper, some have argued, has begun to outstay its welcome. Now, there’s a conscious shift towards brass or gold.

A brass pineapple from Etsy
A vintage brass pineapple from Etsy

4. Something geometric.
Out with the floral scatter cushions and in with the geometric prints. The easiest way to add some colour or patterns to a paired back room.

Shop it now on April and The Bear
Shop it now on April and The Bear

5. A clock that you’ll never look at for the purpose of telling the time but it’ll make for a gorgeous wall feature.
The perfect antidote to those small walls you’re not quite sure what to do with.

Geometric clock, etsy

6. A Kinfolk magazine on your coffee table.
Put away the RTE guide and treat yourself to some interiors reading that’ll live happily ever after on your reclaimed wood coffee table.

Kinfolk magazine

7. A round mirror.
The bigger the better, ideally with a thin black frame. Round is the new black.

Shop it now on April and The Bear
Shop it now on April and The Bear

8. A gallery wall.
Instead of dotting your photo frames all over the GAFF, have a dedicated wall, perhaps above your desk or bed or even in the hallway, and organise your pics in that unorganised fashion.

Inhale, exhale prints on Etsy
Inhale, exhale prints on Etsy

9. A set of Eames’ style dining chairs.
Mix up the colours with some pastels or keep it all white errythaaang. Sure to bring a stylish twist to even the most basic of kitchen tables. The real deal are quite pricey but we got ours from Zin-Zan at €80 a pop.

eames style chairs

10. Something ‘ochre’, which is just the new way of describing mustard.
Move over grey, hello ochre. A big old squishy ochre velvet couch; good luck ever getting out of it.

ochre couch loaf.com

11. A drinks trolley.
These can be so ridiculously expensive, but there’s lots of DIY options too, not to mention some clever IKEA hacks. If forking out for a statement piece of furniture here isn’t an option, go for a side table instead, on which only your drinks will live.

Marble, Brass, trolley, white, green, home, interiors, ireland
Marble and brass trolley (white or green), home-lust.com €400 each

12. And while you’re at it, a set of cheap and cheerful but fancy looking decanters for your whiskey, gin and vodders.
Formally the reserve of your grandparents, but now that you’ve got your own living space, you can see the value of having something pretty in which to store your booze. Unless they’re a gift, go the cheap route with some glass (as in not crystal) alternatives. This is a steal from April and the Bear at €15.

Shop it now on April and The Bear
Shop it now on April and The Bear

13. Photo frame shelves.
This is a trend that was no doubt born of the lack of arsed-ness (that’s a made-up word and we like it) when it comes to drilling a hole in the wall for every single piece of art or photo frame. Lash a few of these around the house – Ikea’s will only set you back a few quid – and place you frames on top without too much thought; the more it appears that they’re just jumbled up and looking effortlessly chic by accident, the better.

picture ledges ikea

14. A cactus or five.
They’re less likely to die and they look so good when peeping out of some glass/brass receptacle.

copper planter pots, urban outfitters
Planter pots, Urban Outfitters

15. A bit of reclaimed wood.
Out with the sleek and modern coffee tables, in with the rustic chunks of wood that might save your life in a flood. This gem from Derelict Design on Etsy remains one of our most delightful finds.

Derelict Design shop on Etsy
Derelict Design shop on Etsy

16. A vintage leather throwback.
Keep your eyes peeled to Etsy and Done Deal for genuine, vintage leather armchairs or couches. They’ll cost a fraction of contemporary takes on the distressed leather look. Make sure it’s a buttery brown shade too.

Hamilton Leather Sofa West Elm
Hamilton Leather Sofa West Elm

17. Something mid-century.
TVs, for the most part, aren’t the prettiest of fixtures. A mid-century unit on which your telly can live will take the ultra modern edge off your 40-inch flat screen.

Mid century Etsy

18. Peonies.
Keeping up with fresh flowers is a cost we just can’t be bothered with. Hopefully, the man of our dreams will get the hint and deliver us a bunch from time to time, but ’til then, we’ll take a few vase-fulls of fake (but really impressively lifelike) peonies from Meadows & Byrne that won’t. Ever. Die. The dream, right?


19. A light that hangs over a focal point.
Something that makes people go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ when they arrive for a dinner party at yours. There are so many high street brands coming across with their own offering in this regard, whether you keep it monochrome with a copper lining on the inside or go full-blown copper all over.

made.com floor lamp

20. A woven basket.
Look, dealing with dirty washing can’t be avoided, and in an ideal world where showhouse photos are taken, there are no such things as piles of dust-gathering washing. Alas, we live in the real world, but at least, with trendy woven wash baskets, your next wash doesn’t have to offend those who come for tea.


21. A feature wall.
If you’re going for an off-white wall throughout most of your GAFF, opt for a feature wall in either the bedroom or living room. Teal is taking over right now.

teal paint wall colour
Benjamin Moore Dark Harbour, Pinterest

22. Exposed brick.
Contrary to popular belief you do not need to reside in a brownstone Brooklyn loft or a rustic country cottage to make this look work. And you don’t even need real bricks either. Tiles will do! All smoke and mirrors, people.

Tile Style Chicago brick style
Tile Style Chicago brick style
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