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TRENDING: The Coolest Houseplants to Invest In and Why – GAFF Interiors

TRENDING: The Coolest Houseplants to Invest In and Why

With mood-boosting greenery higher on our priority list than ever before, we asked brand new boutique indoor plant shop, Clay, to curate a list of the top 8 indoor plants in vogue right now, that are sure to make a statement in any home.

Pilea Peperomioides: Chinese Money Plant

“Pilea is an extremely popular plant at the moment, with their cool, minimal, and chic feel. They have many common names; Pancake Plant, Coin Plant, and the Friendship Plant. Pilea plants are super easy to propagate, which is why they are traditionally gifted and shared. These plants don’t need to be watered too often, but they do enjoy quite a bit of bright light. Native to Southern China, they are a perennial evergreen succulent belonging to the family Urticaceae.”

Calathea Ornata: Pinstripe Plant

“The Calathea Ornata make for one of the most eye-catching tropical plants out there. An alluring and interesting specimen, with its dark green glossy foliage, and rich purple underneath. With each leaf decorated with intricate fishbone markings, it certainly is a statement plant. Native to South America, they belong to the Prayer Plant family.”

Asparagus Fern

“A delicate and elegant beauty. The Asparagus Fern’s needles are so tiny, they appear fluffy and soft. Despite its common name, this plant is not actually a fern, it just looks like one! It grows long-reaching stems that can weep down and sprawl out. Its attractive foliage makes it one of the most sought after plants by interior designers.”

Boston Fern

“Also known as the Sword Fern, this plant has a beautiful ruffled appearance that creates an earthy, natural feel. This plant is extremely popular right now and can be spotted on nearly every plant-fluencers feed. It’s a must-have in any collection. Their long-reaching fronds are decorated with tiny leaves so perfect they almost look fake! Native to tropical regions worldwide, they are a herbaceous perennial that adds vibrance to any abode. Boston Fern is a pretty easy going plant when it comes to caring, they can even tolerate lower lighting.”

White Bird Of Paradise

“Also known as Strelitzia Nicolai, this plant has tall elegant stems that splay out into smooth, flat paddle-like leaves. In the wild, they produce a beautiful exotic white flower, reminiscent of a bird – hence the name. It is rare that it will flower when kept indoors, be we can live in hope! Bird of Paradise plants are the ultimate exotic sun worshipper, these tropical plants thoroughly enjoy bright light and warm weather.”

Rubber Tree

“A sculptural classic, Rubber Tree’s are a sturdy and glossy plant. Creating a stunning silhouette, that would fit into any fine art gallery. Gaining popularity in the 70s, these beauties are a retro statement piece. From the Ficus genus, they are Native to India, Nepal & Indonesia where they can reach a few meters height. They’re an easy-going specimen and can tolerate low lighting, the worst thing you could do is over-water it. A true vintage addition to your plant collection.”

Blue Star Fern

“Blue Star Ferns are durable and an easy-to-maintain plant, making them perfect for a beginner. With elongated fronds, that zig-zag and weep – almost dancing around the pot. First gaining popularity in the Victorian era, these vintage beauties are a must to create a wholesome natural environment. Native to the tropical forests of Southern America, these ferns can also be found in Northern America.”

Alocasia Polly

“This dramatic plant has a really interesting aesthetic. Its dark green, glossy foliage is marked with a pale linear pattern and deep purple underneath. Each leaf is like an artwork in itself. Common names include African Mask Plant and Elephant Ear, due to its resemblance. Native to the tropical South Pacific Islands, they can occasionally bloom and produce flowers. However, it also has a dormant period in which leaves will fade and drop off. Alocasia are easy to maintain.”

All of these beauties and more are available at clayplants.ie. Clay is an independent Irish boutique plant shop, offering free delivery on orders over €50 across Dublin, with nationwide delivery coming soon. Having opened just this year their goal is to help demystify plant care and help you build your own indoor jungle, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Clay offers a range of curated house plants and handmade designer pots, with an emphasis on quality and design. With bespoke re-usable packaging and Danish-designed pots, they are continually adding to their range of botanical accessories – plant shopping has never been so stylish.






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