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Floordrobe Solutions: Bedroom Furniture For Messy Folks – GAFF Interiors

Floordrobe Solutions: Bedroom Furniture For Messy Folks

Connoisseurs of the floordrobe concept; listen up. If you struggle to fold your clothes away or hang them up after a long day (assuming they don’t need to be chucked into the wash basket right away), you’ll spend your life trying to justify the place in your room where your clothes temporarily live. For some, it’s the floor, for others it’s a chair and if you have space it might be an end of bed bench or a free standing rack. We’re not here to change your habits – we can’t dole out wardrobe advice when we change our outfits at least seven times before a night out – leaving a path of destruction in our wake – but we can help you in such a way that your mess looks that bit better. Or that, at the very least, you feel less guilty about your floordrobe. Here we look at some of the lazy-gal solutions that might be worth investing in.

1. A hanging clothes rack.

This is not only practical – and involves one less step in that you don’t need to open your wardrobe door – it looks really cool in a room as well. We found this one on Etsy for a steal at €60. You don’t need floor space to make this work.


2. A ridiculously extra armchair.

If you’ve got ample space and budget, draping your favourite garments across as a luxurious loveseat or snuggler makes perfect sense. It’s very Parisian chic, we think. Throughout the week, we may have a few things on the go, or you may want to leave your silky robe in waiting for your return home. With this baby from Loaf, you can do it in style (€1200 but you’ll find way more affordable options with Homesense).


3. A chaise.

You could also consider a chaise, which is becoming more popular again in bedrooms. The key to keeping it from looking staid is to choose neutral colours and patterns and avoid anything that you might find on the set of Marie Antoinette. Keep it contemporary-ish. This is the Margot from MADE.com


4. A bench.

If you’re looking for something to complete your bed, while at the same time keep your clothes off the floor, the end-of-bed bench is essential. Try to opt for something upholstered with fabric so it keeps things cosy and textured. West Elm is one of the greatest sources of inspiration on this front. Check out their range at Arnotts.



5. A storage ottoman.

If you have space for a bench, however, you might as well go all the way with an ottoman so that you get additional storage for shoes and things that you’d rather keep out of plain sight. This Lulu option from MADE.com is ideal. £399 with pink velvet on the inside and navy on the outside. Dream.


6. A freestanding rail.

We might actually gravitate towards these more so than your average wardrobe. Not only are they good for us lazy bums, they also look cool and without the need for a wardrobe you create more space. If you can’t hang things on hangers, you can at least drape them over it and keep them off the floor. This one is gorgeous and from the OMEDELBAR range new to IKEA, €129.


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