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GAFF Guide: 10 Defining Interior Trends of 2018 – GAFF Interiors

GAFF Guide: 10 Defining Interior Trends of 2018

Feature pic – West Elm

Whether you’re chilling with the girls over a bottle (or four) of Prosecco or cosying up on the corner couch with Netflix, new research says 73% of Irish people are saying no to nights out. And while for many of us it comes down to saving money, today staying home is becoming more of a luxury. So it’s a win-win. We’re ‘confident cancellers’, according to research conducted by DFS. Our interiors simply aren’t worth leaving, and, thanks to the likes of Hygge and Lagom, the allure of staying in has reached epic new heights. From ‘digging down’ to Brooklyn-style furniture and the colours you should adore and ignore, here we look at the biggest interiors trends of 2018. Of all the trends that might come and go, however, it seems ‘staying in’ is staying put.

1. Calm Colour

While Pantone’s colour of the year is a striking purple – it’s a particularly acquired taste that we personally just don’t like – 2018 is also set to embrace a palette of softer colours, replacing the grey and muted tones that ruled the roost for so long. Try a sultry feature wall in a living room or a warm-hued couch. Take inspiration from Dulux’ Kinship collection, among which you’ll find easy going oranges, soft pink tones and an organic green – all of which promote a sense of calm. Far more palatable than purple, we think.

Dulux Kinship

2. Kitchen Cull

Complementing the calm colour code, less is more when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Lots of kitchen designers are now doing away entirely with the upper row of cupboards, opting instead for more wall or window space with the option of exposed shelving. Cupboards above and below with tiling in between has so long been the formula; now that’s changing. This will create a more relaxed look, as well as the illusion of far more space, but it will require a ruthless assessment of what you really need to keep in the cupboards that are left and what you’re willing to have on display.


3. Honeycomb Hints

No longer functional, tiling is the ultimate decor weapon. Subway and chevron/parquet style tiles were big in previous years, but 2018 sees a celebration of the hexagonal honeycomb tile. We LOVE this style. Patterns and colours are kept low key but the shape is where the interest lies. Ideal for a bathroom, but a worthy contender for the kitchen or hallway floor too. For a strong style statement, tile just a portion of the wall behind the bathroom sink. Read our detailed piece on tile trends here.

Original Style tiles

4. Garden Rooms

Sometimes you want to extend on what you have but sometimes that’s just not feasible – and it can cost an absolute bomb – and other times you long for a space that’s entirely separate to the preexisting house. An escape. Hence the rise of the customisable garden room. Be it the ultimate home office, the gym or somewhere to send the children after dinner, the cube design with floor to ceiling glass doors and Canadian redwood cedar exterior is rising up the wishlist of many an Irish homeowner. The only question is what you’ll decide to use it for. Gardenrooms.ie Prices start from 17k which so obviously this is one for those who were thinking seriously about extending.


5. Digging Down

If you’re not building a garden room in 2018, chances are you’re thinking of digging down; building below the ground level of your house or renovating an existing basement. Consider this the other new extension. With space more limited than ever, this is another clever way to add to your living area (where feasible of course) and to your property’s value, made popular in London. It’s a massive undertaking, however – far more so than building above ground – with planning permission and condition surveys essential. You’ll need light wells – potentially glass floors at ground level – adequate ventilation and expert engineer opinion. And from what we’ve read, digging down costs an absolute bomb, so again, something that’s worth major consideration.

basement conversion, via Pinterest

6. Furniture favourites

Having only recently arrived in Arnotts towards the end of 2017, West Elm’s Brooklyn style furniture will soon be a staple of every Irish interiors enthusiast’s home (we’re currently saving our pennies for their bedroom collection). They lean into trends in the most subtle of ways, ensuring you won’t tire of your purchases within six months. Their mid-century bedroom furniture offering has the most appeal. Moving somewhat away from ultra-modern inbuilt wardrobes, the dresser has once again become the ultimate bedroom statement. This piece, priced at €1199, is top of our wishlist, providing ample styling opportunities. If stretching to this price is out of the question, West Elm provides inspiration, if nothing else. All you’ll need now is a chic lamp, a gallery of prints on the wall above and a collection of bedside reads to complete the look.

West Elm

7. Texture treatment

Colour is one thing but texture is another. With so much more time spent at home, cold clinical interiors are reserved for Bond films only. In 2018, look at the textures in your living room in particular (where, according to new research, we spend 35 hours a week) and make sure to keep things mixed. Sheepskin is still appearing, as is velvet and faux fur, but textured wall art is set to be bigger than ever. If rich colours aren’t your thing, texture is the way to ensure warmth and cosiness. What’s more, consider rug layering (rugs overlapping as shown here) and tassel cushions. You could call this Hygge, but Hygge is essentially about cosiness, and that’s something Irish renters and homeowners have been nailing for decades. Our weather demands it.


8. Wonderful wallpaper

It’s been so long since we’ve opted for wallpaper, we’ve forgotten how to do it. The way work the wallpaper trend in 2018 is not to cover the entire room with it – particularly if it’s a bold pattern – but to select a feature wall. It’s also very useful when trying to zone one open plan room or make a smaller room appear bigger. It allows for a splash of personality and detail without totally dominating your decor. Keep away from florals and opt for subtle patterns. Tropical leaf patterns are still popular but come 2019, you’ll be over it.

Gatsby decor wallpaper inspiration, Pinterest

9. Concrete accents

Concrete is having a moment, pushing marble – and copper – right out of the spotlight. Needless to say, this is quite an industrial-style trend but it’s one that you’ll start to see more of, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. It balances all of the luxurious textures we’ve already spoken of. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with a concrete sink, look for concrete nods in lighting. A concrete base ought to do the trick. A set of chic concrete pendants over your kitchen island also works well without creating a cold effect.

Concrete Triangle Pendant Light By Gantlights

10. Leafy Greens Everywhere

While less is more in certain areas, more is more with greenery. Succulents were everywhere in 2017 but for 2018, more vibrant leafy greens take their place, and lots of them (which means there’s a little extra work required in keeping them alive). Plants add energy and colour, complementing any interior style. If you want to take the greenery trend to the max, consider an indoor garden wall. A popular feature among some of the coolest creative workspaces internationally, this will start to be incorporated into homes. That being said, it’s a project that requires constant love, and so it should only be taken on by the green-fingered among you.

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