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Going Green: 6 Reasons To Add A Little Life To Your Living Space – GAFF Interiors

Going Green: 6 Reasons To Add A Little Life To Your Living Space

House plants have super powers. Seriously, these tiny green powerhouses have so many  benefits, and with more and more tropical species becoming available, it’s even easier to find the perfect plant to suit your mood and habitat (with minimal fuss or care taking). Still not convinced? Get ready to go green.

They make your space look GOOD. 

This is an obvious one, but it’s so true. A little greenery goes a long way, especially for you city-dwelling folk. Check out the pics below for some inspired plant-ing. It doesn’t matter how small the plant, you’re instantly lifting an interior with one of these little cuties.





They improve your air quality. Massively. 

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, increasing oxygen levels in the air, helping our lungs breathe better. Fresher air means less bacteria, so a few plants (orchids and succulents are especially good) could save you from a flu or two.  Your lungs will thank you for it.

They’re handy little helpers

Investing in a few select herbs is a great way to make your life a little easier and save some money, too. Chives, basil and coriander are easy to grow, perfect for a little fresh seasoning while you cook; lavender is one of the most useful and versatile herbal remedies, smells wonderful can be used in baking; peppermint is an excellent deterrent for all kinds of bugs, while Aloe Vera’s fleshy leaves emit a gel that’s deeply moisturising and works brilliantly on small burns. One of these handy plants is the perfect addition to any r a new kitchen or a passionate cook.
They’ll keep you hydrated and healthy 

Keeping plants has been proven to decrease your chances of dry skin, colds, sore throats and coughs through the moisture they emit. If you have air conditioning or a clammy space, a plant is your new best friend.

They make you smarter 

Seriously! Studies have shown plants can up your productivity. A little greenery helps you concentrate. We don’t know how, but it’s true. Keep a plant in your sights while you work and you’ll think clearer.

They make you happier 

It’s a tradition as old as time, but bringing flowers and plants to someone is a an act of kindness for a reason. Greenery makes us happier, and having them around us boosts our mood and confidence.

Adding some greenery isn’t expensive. IKEA, Woodies and your local florist will have plenty of low-maintenance options. Go get green.

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