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The GAFF #shelfie Series: Editor Ciara Elliott’s Elegant Bathroom – GAFF Interiors

The GAFF #shelfie Series: Editor Ciara Elliott’s Elegant Bathroom

Welcome to week 2 of our GAFF #shelfie series! We are so excited to bring you this Instagram series, as we explore some of the coolest nooks and crannies of cool homes in Ireland. Each week, we’ll be taking a snoop at a special shelf or space in a super stylish GAFF, examining the owner’s favourite accessories, asking about their home inspo, and taking styling and decor tips as we go. This series is designed to help YOU get excited about your own home space. It doesn’t matter if you have a single shelf or an entire room to get creative with – we want to help you kick start your own interior inspiration.

This week, we stepped inside the beautiful home of House and Home Magazine Editor & stylist Ciara Elliott.

Tell us about this beautiful, special space, and why you (thankfully) decided to share it with us.

“This room was originally a bedroom but when we bought the house from an artist who had lived here for forty years he had been using it to store his canvases. As there was no proper bathroom upstairs – just a loo and a separate bath – it was all very higgledy-piggledy, we immediately saw the potential to make this a lovely family sized bathroom. I love the idea of unfitted furniture both in kitchens and bathrooms and we had this sideboard hanging around. It was originally painted in shades of mustard and brown which wouldn’t have worked so it just made sense to paint it again. I love gold against blue and greenery so I knew the gold shelves would work really well here. Again, I like the idea of having pictures and knick-knacks in a well-ventilated bathroom and these mirror shelves add both personality and function.”

What are some of your favourite pieces and design elements?

“The midcentury sideboard bought from a friend and upcycled in shades of blue from Bert and May. Loads of space for towels. lotions and potions inside. The shelves work really well against the cobalt blue and are from Anthropologie (I received them as a gift when I worked on an Instagram collaboration with them) and I love changing up the pictures, plants, candles, and books here. Finally, the artwork. My most recent piece is this picture by Hanna Buck. In my bathroom, I also have favourites from Irish artist Deirdre Hayden, Brie Harrison, and Rob Ryan. The walls are Tuxedo Blue from Valspar which is a dreadful name for paint but I do love the deep colour.”

How would you describe your home and interior style?

“A little bit boho hippy but also quite grown up. I like things like cocktail cabinets and dining rooms and double sinks and headboards and good comfortable bathrooms. I think I’ve spent too much time being a magazine editor and have stayed in too many luxury hotels — eventually I want my house to have the feel of a really comfortable country home that is as good as staying in a hotel. Hah, but I am quite far off from that right now! I love old houses and even though I appreciate new builds I don’t think they are for me. I like mid-century brown furniture and I will always invest in art. I am definitely a magpie. I would love to be all pared back and chic but I love colour and shiny things too much, so while I tend to go neutral on walls I can’t resist layering pictures, textiles, and furniture that is quite bright and fun and colourful. And I am always moving things around and changing it up anyway.”

How do you approach styling areas of your home? Do you begin with a statement piece and work from there or maybe you about the kind of vibe you want to have in that corner and work back from that?

“At home I work very differently as a stylist to how I approach a job. So when I style someone else’s house or style for a shoot I will almost always build a mood board and think about the key pieces I need to bring in order to create a look. In my own house I pretty much always work with what I have and rarely plan out a proper room scheme, I simply bring more things in and then sell or gift on what I don’t like as I go. Some rooms are definitely more planned out than others though and I think our bathroom is a bit more of a completed room than most of the other areas of the house.”

Where are some of your favourite places to shop for interiors?

“I shop everywhere from the supermarket to the garden centre but big ones online I like are La Redoute, Anthropologie and H+M Home. I also like smaller websites which stock cool artwork and designer pieces such as HomePlace, Tea and Kate and April and the Bear.”


What was the last thing you bought for your home?

“As we are staying home and making so much more of mealtimes am currently getting into dressing the table for almost every dinner. So I have the napkins, fave vintage table cloths, gold cutlery, my favourite glasses, candles, etc all getting used for every meal. Even if we are having pizza! The last thing I bought for the house was mustard coloured candles, gold candlesticks and more napkins – l bought them from H&M and a local wine shop The Mistley Kitchen which also sells home accessories.”

Candlestick, €27.99 at H&M

We’ve recently become obsessed with the Architectural Digest Home Tour series on YouTube – where do you find your home inspo?

“I follow loads of accounts on Instagram which I love and that I who through the interiors world have now become my friends in IRL too – these include Lucy Tiffney, Lisa Dawson, Dee Campling, Design Soda Ruthie, Cathy Pyle, Kinship Creative, Hygge for Home and Malmo and Moss. I am also getting to know all of the houses on the House and Home website now and following loads more Irish accounts. I also love to follow fashion accounts who also do interiors as I have a mad penchant for clothes too. So I like The Frugality, Erica Davies and Heartzeena too. I often find that when I discover someone from shooting their house – or putting on a Fashion Reboot event in a new city – I then start following them and loving what they do. This has happened with loads of Instagrammers and creatives including Tiny and the House, Max Made Me Do It, White Space Home, Tori Murphy, Jemma Watts, Hanna Buck … I could go on as there are loads!”

For more inside sneak peeks at Ciara’s incredible home, you have GOT to follow her on Instagram.

CREDITS: Photographs by Malcolm Menzie & Rachael Smith










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