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The GAFF #shelfie Series: Fashion Editor Grace Cahill’s Boheme Abode – GAFF Interiors

The GAFF #shelfie Series: Fashion Editor Grace Cahill’s Boheme Abode


Welcome to the latest installment of our GAFF #shelfie series! We are so excited to bring you this Instagram series, as we explore some of the coolest nooks and crannies of cool homes in Ireland. Each week, we’ll be taking a snoop at a special shelf or space in a super stylish GAFF, examining the owner’s favourite accessories, asking about their home inspo, and taking styling and decor tips as we go. This series is designed to help YOU get excited about your own home space. It doesn’t matter if you have a single shelf or an entire room to get creative with – we want to help you kick start your own interior inspiration.

This week, we stepped inside the beautiful home of Fashion Editor Grace Cahill.

Tell us about this special space!

“The dining area of the house was originally a bathroom that led into a tiny kitchen. When the builder knocked the sitting room wall he suggested ripping out both and designing a larger kitchen/dining space with some storage. I live in a small city townhouse so I loved the idea. The original concept was to design a bench with lots of room underneath for books, magazines, handbags, shoes, etc, then he suggested putting a rail as a feature wall that doubles up as a functional wardrobe to hang some of my clothes. It’s not for everyone but five years on with two dogs, a husband-to-be and baby girl it still suits the house and gives the space a homely, personal feel. Lots of the clothes hanging are sentimental, some are years old and have a story that often gets told because they are so visible. It’s the first thing people are drawn to when they come in and it has really become synonymous with no 14.”

What are some of your favourite pieces and design elements?

“I have a love-hate relationship table with our battered oak table. My mum found it at an antique market and I have no idea how old it is, but I imagine it’s ancient. Our kitchen is an odd shape; it needed a table that is long but narrow so she picked it up to fit the space. It has round steel studs that collect dust and a rickety leg that Adam, my other half, has fixed half a dozen times. I’m constantly cleaning it but part of me loves that it looks a bit ancient and needs regular love. I often moan about wanting new furniture but truth be told it lacks the character I’m drawn to in a home. It has recently been sanded it and stained so hopefully, she has a few more years left to give.”

“Our vintage wooden bench. Adam found it at the Jamestown market around the corner and came home to me rolling my eyes. It wasn’t in the best condition but he put a few days into it. Sanded it, filled the dents in it, stained it, and painted it and I’ve grown to love it over time. It’s the perfect match for the table so they kinda fell together organically.”

Where are some of your favourite places to shop for interiors?

“I usually love the one-off boutique stores I can rarely afford. House of Indi (formerly Velveteen Rabbit) I wander into and never not want everything. I have a long love affair with Avoca and Industry. La Redoute, Cox and Cox, HM Home, and French Connection are all online favourites. I’m also a sucker for SoStrene Greene and IKEA when I can muster the courage. I discovered LAMB design recently and my sister and I spend the evening Whatsapping links to each other.”

French Connection accessories


Cabinet from House of Indi

Vase from Cox and Cox 

What was the last thing you bought for your home?

“A vase from H&M home and 12 pink Elodie Lillie’s from Avoca that have just opened and look like they are talking to me. The house doesn’t feel right without a bunch of flowers.”

Where do you find your home inspo?

“Eyeswoon is my current guilty pleasure. An interior designer and New Yorker who renovated an old classical townhouse in Brooklyn. I swoon. Ateliervime is a french design studio and workshop that dates back to the 18th century who has the most beautiful Instagram that I love getting a behind the scenes glimpse at. Italian interior designer Alessandra Branca’s feed is a visual joy. Usually, a design feast of colour and culture and always makes me want to travel. I also love Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House and Hygge for Home. Adam just bought me Kate’s book so I’m looking forward to reading it.”


How would you describe your personal interiors style?

“I find it hard to define my style. It’s rustic and a little thrown together but there are touches of Boheme and Moroccan influences with more simplistic neutral tones here and there. The living room is probably where all the eclectic pieces mesh most. We have a floor to ceiling farmhouse style brick fireplace and rustic whitewashed wooden shelves beside them. Most of the furniture is vintage wood or rattan and I’ve mixed in an offwhite armchair and a huge Moroccan style rug with a woven pouffe and some printed cushions. I have pampas mixed with dried flowers and lots of wooden photo frames flanked with shabbier chic and ceramic vases. Handwritten quoted prints staggered with artier prints on a gallery wall. It all sounds a bit bizarre together but somehow works. I like things that don’t look too matchy-matchy or have too much of a forced theme. I rarely buy things with a place in mind, I tend to buy things I love and they find a spot. Everything in the house was bought individually over the years.”

“I definitely buy statement pieces and let the story build from there. I think it’s easy to get caught down a rabbit hole on Pinterest and pick paint, furniture, or a floor colour from pinned references so you can create or plan a certain look. I think it’s important to respect the size shape and light in the room and let the vibe fall into place naturally.”

For more fashion, home and living inspo, follow Grace on Instagram

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