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The Glyde Guide: Everything you need to know about Ireland’s coolest bathroom essential – GAFF Interiors

The Glyde Guide: Everything you need to know about Ireland’s coolest bathroom essential

We shared some images of a certain sink across our social a few weeks ago and were blown away with the response from you guys, We knew concrete was having a moment, and we also knew that there’s nothing you guys love more than a good bathroom renovation, but even we couldn’t believe how wild you are for these Glyde gems. 

For those of you who missed out, Glyde concrete basins are raising the style stakes when it comes to making a statement in the bathroom.

Made in Ireland, every unit is a bespoke, hand-made and hand-finished piece. As all Glyde basins are pre-sealed, this natural material is ideal for hard-working and busy bathrooms. In short? Meet your bathroom’s functional, and beautiful, best friend. 

We wanted to learn more about the team behind these sturdy staples, so we asked them to answer some of your burning questions. Here’s what they had to say. 

Q: Tell us about the renovation project that inspired you to create Glyde? 

Richie from Glyde: “Glyde Concrete Basins began following a home renovation project that unveiled a real lack of variety in the market here in Ireland. At the time I had bought a 1930s terraced house that required total refurbishment. I wanted to keep some of the old features of the house but to bring some modern comforts to it also.”

“The building work was the easy part of the project, but the struggle began searching for fixtures and fittings that were not typical to most homes. While researching the use of concrete in the home I came across an Australian company doing concrete basins and just fell in love with the textures, form and colour. “

“Unfortunately, at that stage, it was too late for my own project, with delivery timelines and the higher cost of importing. So… I thought why not bring this product to Ireland and make it easier for Irish customers to purchase?” 

Why do you love working with concrete?

“Working with concrete in the home allows your home to have a personality in rooms that sometimes can be overlooked. Glyde has a nod and respectful link to Ireland’s concrete traditions. The use of concrete in Ireland can be traced as far back as 1850, in the foundations of a bridge crossing the River Glyde, in Dundalk. As the benefits of this material were realised, concrete was increasingly used as a solution to construction problems at the time. Now we are back using concrete for all its positive factors such as its flexibility in colour change and its hard-wearing properties.” 

How are the basins made?

“Glyde Concrete Basins are formed from a material known as GRFC, which is a Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete. Locally sourced cement and aggregates are combined with a colour dye if required and are poured into custom moulds. The moulds are left to dry and are then hand-finished by sanding, polishing, and finally by applying an industry-leading sealant, to protect the basins. With the very nature of concrete, the basins are very durable and hard-wearing. The surface is finished with an industry-leading sealant to protect it.”

What are the benefits of investing in a piece like this?

“I think you can be guaranteed that you will not have the same basin as any other house on your street. I think that design pieces add both value to a home, but more importantly value to our lives. We all deserve to have beautiful things in our lives.”

What are the most popular styles?

With all customer spaces being so different the full range is proving popular. However, one specific trend for 90% of customers is in having the wall of the basin mounted. The floating, seamless, minimal look is very current. With the August Basin, customers can choose from two height options. The gentle curve brings elegance and sophistication through its style, shape and substance or with The Joseph, which is a space-saver sink ideal for tight areas. It has a flat surface to the side of the sink which will allow you to either mount a tap on it or use it as a surface to keep soap etc.”

Why is concrete a good material for the home?

“The real beauty of investing in a Glyde Concrete Basin is that you can pretty much choose any colour you want for your basin. This will allow you to find any basin to match your colour scheme, something unique to a bespoke product like this.”

Can customers custom make them?

“Yes, we can custom make any basin to any size and any colour.”

Any favourite projects you’ve worked on?

“What I enjoy the most about projects that I have worked on is to see what customers do with their basins. On most projects, the basin becomes the hinge pin for designing the space, and I often hear how it has helped the customer to find their creativity.”

For more information or to order your Glyde Basin visit their website HERE or follow Glyde on Instagram HERE for design and style inspiration.

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