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The Hearth Series: Inside The Cosy Corners of Ireland’s Coolest Homes Part 3 – GAFF Interiors

The Hearth Series: Inside The Cosy Corners of Ireland’s Coolest Homes Part 3

This time of year is so special, and at GAFF we know that you’ll be looking high and low for the perfect festive interiors inspo. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with BIC Megalighters to step inside the homes of 3 interior mavens to share the Hearth of their home with us; the place in their house that they love to soak up that cosy, winter feeling. 

For everyone in this series, creating that special mood with candles or a fire is key, and thankfully BIC is on hand with their Megalighter to ensure every little flicker is lit safely and easily this Christmas. You can find out more HERE, or purchase your own at Dunnes, Supervalu, Woodies and other major retailers nationwide.

For the final edition of this series, we’re visiting the home and studio of designer Zoë Carol. We love Zoë’s inclusive, sustainable design process; she creates the most incredible pieces from Irish linen and wool, each of which is, in her own words, “Mindfully made with positivity.” That creativity bleeds into her home interior style, which is why we couldn’t wait to get a peek at her favourite space.

Tell us about this space and why you chose it

“This fireplace is in my home studio at Rose Cottage. I spend almost 7 days a week in my studio in one capacity or another and when I look up from my work my gaze always lands on this fireplace. In the months between April and July the mantle was chaotic and messy, and it reflected what I was going through with work and life. When the mess becomes overwhelming, I take time to tidy it and it reminds me to do the same in life!”

Can you tell us about 3 of your favourite items in this space? Where you got them from, why you love them?

“My John Derian ‘Z’ plate has been in every studio space I’ve worked in ever since I became a fashion designer. My friend Jennifer gifted it to me during our time in New York and it holds many memories and bent pins.”

“My flamingo snow globe, from Finders Keepers, reminds me of all the wonderful students I’ve taught throughout the years. Heather, a past student, gave it to me one Christmas and it has brought a smile to my face ever since.”

“Geoff is my Buddha fern, he reminds me to be calm during any stormy times at work. I got him in my friend’s florist shop Petals ‘n Blooms in Thomastown and I sincerely hope he thrives despite my lackluster green fingers.”

How would you describe your home and interior style?

“Rose Cottage was built over 200 years ago and it’s tucked away in a really unexpected place in Thomastown. My husband Paul, daughter Zelda, lurcher Penny and I moved here in 2016 from Dublin and I can only describe it as a culmination of our strong personalities. The house is in constant transition and never seems still. Both Paul and I work from home and you can tell looking around that it struggles to stay tidy as we swoosh around. It’s warm, inviting and fun.”

How do you approach styling areas of your home?

“I’d like to think that I actually ‘style’ areas in my home but I question my methods! Furniture gets moved around often depending on how I feel and how spaces are used as a family. Rose Cottage is dinky so no space is unused. As the cottage is set below road level, it lacks light so playing with the cosy vibe and maximising light is always my starting point when it comes to arranging any space.”

Where are some of your favourite places to shop for interiors?

“Adverts! My husband pokes fun at me for it but it genuinely gives me so much joy to take someone’s pre-loved items and upcycle them or make them my own with some creativity. Our coffee table is the oddest size but perfect for our cosy little sitting room and my rocking chair has lived in every room of the house so far and both are purchases from Adverts. I take the same attitude of slow style/fashion to my interiors and also shop from local artisans and craftspeople.”

What was the last thing you bought for your home?

“My friend Sonja Guenther is a wonderful ceramic artist and during her last studio sale, I got some dipping dishes and mugs. Also a gorgeous macrame plant pot from The Macramé Man. Living in Kilkenny has meant that I have access to the most wonderful creative community and my home is starting to reflect that.”

The Macramé Man

What makes a home cosy for you?

“Very dim lighting, scented candles, a blanket, and the snuggles from Zelda. Low lighting and candles mean that I can fade out the mess without having to actually tidy and as a working parent of a creative 4-year-old, it is necessary many evenings of the week.”

Your favourite winter ritual at home?

“I’m not sure I can admit this without sounding absolutely batty but cleaning my kitchen in peace is my year-round favourite ritual. Everyone is banned from the kitchen, I play Lyric FM (at a reasonable volume), light a scented candle and get cleaning. To this day, my husband cannot understand how I enjoy it and I find it hard to explain.”

For more on Zoë’s work and home, check out her Instagram and website. This feature was made in collaboration with BIC Megalighters, find out more HERE or purchase your own at Dunnes, Supervalu, Woodies, and other major retailers nationwide.

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