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GAFF Horoscopes: Home Inspo According To Your Star Sign – GAFF Interiors

GAFF Horoscopes: Home Inspo According To Your Star Sign

Your star sign can tell a lot about your personality, and guide you in decorating your home. Here are your ultimate GAFF goals, according to your horoscope.


Virgo, you perfectionist earth sign, you. When it comes to your home, you crave tranquility, peace and headspace more than any other sign. That means excellent storage space (so that you can hide away any unsightly items), clean lines, classic colours  – white, black, pinks (the softer the better) and a pared back vibe. Less is definitely more with you – just don’t go too clinical, it is your home after all.  As an earth sign, it’s important you add a little greenery to your abode (see our Going Green post for some more inspo), wood and marbles are great too, and make room for colourful prints and artwork, coffee table books and photographs that will inspire you at every turn.





Libras love balance, relaxation and, as an air sign, like to keep things cool and calming. We suggest encorporating your sign’s colour, indigo blue, into your home. You’re a lavish lot, so indulge in sumptuous velvets and wools to cosy up to your hubby with (you lot are suckers for romance) and avoid impulse purchases – you change your mind too often to commit to anything too loud or flashy.





You are a secretive bunch aren’t you, so might we suggest hidden panels and bookshelves that lead to concealed rooms? If that all sounds a little James Bond, try incorporating your unrivalled creativity in to your home; curate your own mini bar, make floral arrangements a priority, keep plenty of bookstands for your endless reading  material and use a little topaz and coral hints, a nod to your birthstones.





As a collective, Aries do not like to be restricted in their lives or their homes. Which is why your living space can be as crazy, kooky, individual as you dare. Theme your home (see Cathy’s tropical-vibe home in Cork for inspo), embrace wall decals (perfect for creating the ultimate interior illusion) and think BIG. Giant lighting fixtures, big prints, massive rugs and oversized jars and vases. You are a trendsetter by nature, so get Pinteresting and get to it!





As sun signs (and sun worshippers) a south facing kitchen or backyard is the ultimate in Leo home happiness. Failing that, make sure you litter your home with bright prints and patterns, warm-toned cushions and splashes of colours at every turn. Lighting can make a big impact on Leo’s home love too, so get your pendant lamps, fairy lights and candles all a glow. Symmetrical patterns and prints are key. Lions deserve the best, so go gold for extra GAFF goals.





The fiery, adventurous and outspoken sign of the zodiac isn’t  afraid to make a statement in life, love, work or, indeed, their home. Solid colours (purples, reds and pinks) are some of the sign’s favourites, so try bold statement furniture, a feature wall with yellow cushions, throws and accessories to inspire good luck. Open up space as much as possible to encourage your sociable nature and think boho – Sags love a more laid back approach to life, so a hammock or bean bag might be just what you need.





Earth signs Capricorn are a practical, prudent, hardworking and ambitious lot. Instead of buying in to seasonal trends, your home will flourish with flea market finds, DIY projects, investment pieces and lots and lots of Pinterest planning. Divide your home in to sections and create a mood board for each one – then you can carefully plan what you need and how much you’re willing to spend as you go. Classic mid-century pieces will happily sit next to IKEA staples – and your strongest colours are dark green and dark blu hues so commit to dark furnishings and glass details.





For pleasure-seeking, practical Taureans, organisation is key. Everything has its place on their picture perfect shelf (perfect for shelfie Instagrams) and a plush bed set up is definitely high on the priority list, so invest in good quality linens, bright duvets and fluffy pillows for your optimum beauty sleep. You’re not afraid of displaying your favourite memories and accomplishments, so decorate your abode with beautiful inspirational pictures and photographs and even a chalk board for shoppings lists and travel inspo will bring you much home joy.





Cancer signs are known for their sentimental qualities, so scrap books are high on your home wish-list. Geometric patterns in rugs and soft furnishings are a must, and a scented candle (or 12) or incense will elevate your mood in an instant. As for colours, yellow and lily whites will mirror your optimistic outlook, and fresh flowers are a treat you savour. Invest in a brilliant bouquet for your bedroom for home bliss.





Water sign Aquarius would do well to have a fountain in their hallway … that’s not always a good idea (or even vaguely possible) so how about a garden feature instead? A mini Koi pond will bring you right back to your calm centre after a long, hard day. You love all things new, so a seasonal trend will keep your home interesting. This autumn is all about brass elements, so try encorporating some little brass bits in your lighting fixtures and trinkets. Light blue is your happy colour, which is an easy one to include in soft furnishings, and as an air sign, the more space the better. Invest in some beautiful mirrors (see our mirror post for more).





As a youthful, lively and generous sign, your home is bound to be brimming with bright prints, pretty accessories and all of the makings for a great GAFF party. Bunting, balloons and a friend-gathering-friendly kitchen are at the top of your priorities. And when it comes to hunkering down, you know just how to do it with dozens of pillows, blankets and colourful throws at the ready. Pinks and whites and all things bright for you, dearest Gemini.





Oh, hello sensual, touchy-feely Pisces. Your home has to be a treat for the senses – silks, faux furs, velvets, exposed brick – you name the surface, you want it in your home. Your eclectic taste will come together best with a dash of colour coordination. Try incorporating your sign’s favoured palette, seagreen and lavender, with a nod to the moon and stars (to help your psychic powers excel) for home pride. The search for the perfect vintage teapot will be worth it.


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