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GAFF Advice: Your Gardening Questions Answered by an Expert – GAFF Interiors

GAFF Advice: Your Gardening Questions Answered by an Expert

While we’ve got the house, home, and interior essentials covered,  when it comes to the garden we like to enlist the experts. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be putting your gardening and planting questions to our landscaper extraordinaire Bryan from BeGreene. From the best succulents to invest in tackling a small garden space, Bryan is answering some of the everyday questions we all ask when beginning our gardening journeys. So, let’s get to it.”

Q: How much should I expect to pay a landscaper to design my garden?

“You could very easily pay someone to design a garden and pay upwards of 10k for it. What’s really important to consider is whether you’re going to be able to manage what you’ve paid for – there’s no point in spending on a garden that looks beautiful now, only to realise that it takes a lot of work to maintain or, worse, becomes out of control in a few years time. A garden grows and needs maintenance, so think about how much time you have to dedicate to keeping it tidy and in check, and use that as the starting point with the designer, and the landscaper.”

Photograph by Brina Blum via Unsplash

Q: Is seed or roll out turf best when starting a lawn?

“Personally, I prefer seeding as watching it grow is a treat. However, for most of my clients, roll out is best as you get the instant impact of a lawn, ready to go.”

Q: What are the best evergreen plants for a courtyard?

“Avoid anything that you can’t keep under control. Ask your local garden centre about ornamental plants that will stay in check are best, especially if it’s a small area – you don’t want it growing wild.”

Q: Tips on what to do with a small cemented back garden?

“Potted plants are fantastic, and will instantly brighten up all that concrete space. They do need watering though, so you’ll need to be willing to remember to look after the, Alternative;y, a single raised bed could be a lovely addition and easy to maintain.’

Photograph by Marc-Olivier Jodoin via Unsplash

Q: What herbs should I plant in an east-facing garden?

“Most herbs should be fine here, once you look after them.”

Q: Is there a best all-year fern that will suit a flower bed?

“There isn’t an all year round fern, unfortunately, they die back at some stage of the year. It may look a little brown at times, but once you clean away the dead leaves it’ll bounce back.”



For more gardening insight, stay tuned for our next Ask the Expert feature.




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