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GAFF Shop: The Carefully Curated, Insta-worthy, Pre-Loved Interiors Marketplace – GAFF Interiors

GAFF Shop: The Carefully Curated, Insta-worthy, Pre-Loved Interiors Marketplace

Drumroll please! GAFFers, we are so excited to be sharing this news with all of you today. GAFF Shop is here! A carefully curated Insta-worthy marketplace for pre-loved, GAFF-approved homewares and furniture.

At GAFF HQ, our purpose is to help bridge the gap between you and the furniture, homewares, and the interior pieces that help take your living space from average to amazing. Now, with GAFF Shop, we taking that one step further. Here, we’ll connect sellers of beautiful homewares with like-minded buyers. Whether you’re looking to save money on your next unique find, or you want to upgrade your home decor without feeling wasteful or guilty about fuelling a disposable economy, GAFF Shop is the answer.

There are other websites out there when you can buy and sell pre-loved pieces, so what makes GAFF Shop different?

Well, unlike other websites, GAFF Shop offers a careful curation of items that any fan of GAFF is bound to fall in love with. Each and every second-hand item that appears on the digital shopfront – sold by GAFF readers and followers throughout Ireland – will have been pre-approved by team GAFF, ensuring a level of quality and aesthetic consistency throughout. In other words, GAFF Shop offers a much nicer user experience for the potential buyer; you won’t have to scroll through reams of rubbish to find the one gem you’re looking for.

For those selling items, you’ll have instant access to the discerning GAFF Interiors audience, all of whom are as interiors obsessed as you are, ensuring a quick and effortless sale and the satisfaction of knowing your pre-loved pieces are going to worthy homes (and if it sounds like we think that furniture has feelings, that might be because we do). From vintage accent chairs to easily styled headboards, you’ll find it all on GAFF Shop, and the process involved whether you’re buying or selling couldn’t be easier to follow.

Buy or sell at GAFF Shop now 

The inspiration behind GAFF Shop?

We want the freedom and flexibility to update our decor in the same way fashion fanatics want to update their wardrobe. That being said, GAFF Interiors are acutely cognisant of the need for more sustainable solutions. The last thing the world needs right now is more surplus stuff, more products that are hot one minute and old news the next. Aside from being bad for the environment, it’s also incredibly expensive to adopt a disposable approach to your interiors. So how can we satisfy our need for newness and Insta-worthy living spaces without becoming part of the problem? By creating and growing the GAFF Shop community. When you buy something with GAFF Shop, you not only welcome home a pre-loved piece you love at a knockdown price, you contribute positively to a more circular and less wasteful economy.

How does GAFF Shop work?

Very simply GAFF Shop links sellers with potential buyers of pre-approved items on an easy-to-use platform, as part of the GAFF Interiors website. This is a FREE service, and we don’t engage in the payment process. Once you spot a piece you like, you message the seller through our secure and private messaging system and arrange delivery/collection and payment yourselves.

If you’re a buyer, simply browse the homepage and if you find an item you need to have now, click through to contact the seller. Before making contact you will know everything you need to know about the item: its price, its condition, where the seller is located, and exactly what you’re about to buy, complete with clear imagery that promises no trickery or filters to ensure transparency.

As a seller, you register for an account before adding your first item. You follow our foolproof ‘how to sell’ guide and submit your product for our approval. Once it’s live, it’s ready to be shopped. Once it’s sold, we ask you to mark it as sold. You can submit as many products as you like for approval and have several items for sale at any one time. However, as suggested by the ‘pre-loved, GAFF-approved’ tagline, not everything will get the green light. Please be mindful that GAFF Shop is an edit; we won’t accept any old crap. Everything sold has to meet the GAFF stamp of approval (and yes, this means your old ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ wall print might well be rejected; we’re sorry in advance).

Ready to shop?

We are LIVE! Head over to the site now to browse, buy and join our community of GAFF Shop sellers today!










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