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Home Hacks: Stylist Sinead Keary’s Guide To Achieving Wardrobe Zen – GAFF Interiors

Home Hacks: Stylist Sinead Keary’s Guide To Achieving Wardrobe Zen


No matter what the time of year, a proper, extreme wardrobe reorganisation is the last word in creating a zen home. Our closets can be a daily source of frustration and downright difficult to use unless they’ve been curated properly and this January we’ve finally had it. We’ve turned to one of Ireland’s experts to help us dissect the wardrobe dilemma once and for all. Cue stylist Sinead Keary, who has a few achievable tools and ideas to help us achieve Marie Kondo worthy closet spaces.

Thread Count

Photo cred: Christopher Burns

“It all begins with a seasonal wardrobe cleanse,” says Sinead, who dissects and reorganises wardrobes up and down the country on a weekly basis. “Dedicate some time to take stock of what you have in your wardrobe and aim to reorganise and declutter its contents in the most efficient way possible. Divide everything into sections and make sure everything has an allocated place which will help make it easier to find things each day. Once everything is divided into sections then colour-code each category. I know this may sound a little OCD but it honestly doesn’t take very long and will save you so much time when you are trying to find particular items. It looks pretty divine too!”

There is absolutely no point in cleansing your Sliderobes unless you’re going to be cutthroat though, Sinead emphasises, “You’ve got to be brutal when going through your wardrobe pieces and aim to clear 20% of its contents. You can divide them into piles (sell, give away to charity or friends and recycle them in shops like H&M who have an excellent, free clothing recycling programme). This will help keep the pieces you actually wear and love visible and is, of course, the simplest and most obvious space-saving solution.”

Hang Tough

Tyra Banks’ enviable closet

Once your space is detoxed and you’ve realised you have a load of clothes and shows you completely forgot about (and quite like), it’s time to store them efficiently. “Velvet hangers are my top choice, says Sinead, “they save so much space in terms of hanging and also prevent your clothes from slipping off them. Penneys have a great selection in stock throughout the year .”

So many people suggest folding tees and jumpers so that you can see them easily but, for us, that seems like too much work to maintain on a daily basis. Sinead agrees, “I always recommend my clients hang as much clothing as possible as its so much easier to upkeep and saves time. It’s also a win as you will be able to see your clothes every day when making outfit decisions. Hang your jeans and trousers on the velvet hangers too. You can fold two pairs on each hanger which saves so much space. Then, for heavier items of clothing like suits and coats opt for wooden hangers.”

The Accessories Guide

That’s all well and good so far, but if you’re anything like team GAFF you have as many accessories as you do identical woolly jumpers. Sinead suggests this handy tip,  “My storage tips for Jewellery is to lie it flat in a drawer as this helps it to stay untangled and makes it easier to see everything. Use drawer dividers to organise it into sections. Ikea has a great selection of drawer dividers at reasonable prices. ”

When it comes to belts, wrap and tying your belts around a hanger is a great way of storing them. Usually, you can fit around 6 belts per hanger and then you can hang it next to the denim section in your wardrobe.

Seasonally Smart

Minimal rail, €145 at ETSY

We realise that for the most part, our Irish wardrobes can stay the same all year round, but there are a few pieces that we use depending on whether it’s summer or winter, and they can take up prime wardrobe space when they’re not in use. While we would always have used flatpack bag for these, Sinead has another idea, ” Personally, I prefer to box up or hang any summer items that I don’t plan on wearing for the winter. Flat packing is fine for holiday items but long-term I feel it’s important to let your clothing breathe and worry that flat packing will damage and change the quality of your garments.”

Play and Display

Copper rail, €177 at Etsy

Ultimately we all want that Kardashian walk-in wardrobe of our dreams but, while we anxiously await that lotto win, there are alternative ways to achieve that Pinterest-worthy wardrobe aesthetic. “This year I invested in a gorgeous rose gold copper rail from Etsy for my room which I use to plan my weekly outfits. If you have room in your house, storage rails are a great option if your struggling with wardrobe space and can help keep things organized. Plus, it’s a gorgeous way to admire the pieces you love to wear.”

Suitably inspired? Send us your wardrobe hacks and ideas over on Instagram and for more expert tips or to book a personal consultation with Sinead check her out here and here.

Happy organising, GAFFers!

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